The Happy Friday Project

Summer Vacation

How To Stay In That Summer Vacation Groove!

So What Did You Do On Your Summer Vacation? Well, it’s official – summer ended this week, with the celebration of the Autumnal Equinox on the 22nd of September. We here at the HFP Headquarters hope you had a super awesome summer! Did you take a summer vacation this year? Maybe you got to go somewhere exotic… Or maybe you simply took a weekend  ...

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Think Happy

Think Happy! An Intro to the Law of Attraction

Think Happy! How to Get Started With The Law of Attraction Today The Law of Attraction. For some people, these words evoke images of flowers and rainbows and gurus sitting on meditation cushions counting piles of gold coins. For others, it creates an image of doubt or uncertainty, or perhaps even a negative response: that stuff is a bunch of  ...

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Happy Friday, Mindfulness

Ur Doin’ It RIGHT

Being Mindful – How Do You Know if You’re Doing it RIGHT? We’re all entitled to our opinion… The other day, I was listening to a podcast about yoga and Buddhism. Podcasts are great for multitasking, and heaven forbid I dry my hair without doing something else at the same time! This podcast was recommended to me by one  ...

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Creativity, Free Goodies!

4 Easy Steps to Being More Creative

Download your free Creativity Goddess coloring sheet below Getting Out of Your Own Way: 4 Easy Steps to Being More Creative We are going to share with you a SHOCKING universal truth. I can hear it now: the silvery-sounding, musical laughter of thousands of women all over the world, simultaneously saying “Oh, me? I’m just not creative at all!”  ...

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Free Goodies!, Happy Friday

Happy Independence Day!

Time to Celebrate! And Relax… Hello all you wonderful people, and Happy Friday to you! This is just a short post this week, as we are on the eve of a long weekend, (woohoo!) and we are taking a little extra time to spend with family and friends, to relax and unwind a little bit. And we hope that you will do the same! Whatever your plans  ...

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The Tuesday Q

Tuesday Q

It’s time for the Tuesday Q! This week we want to hear about your favorite summertime reads. Are you a magazine person, or are books your thing? Do you prefer a real book, or will a digital reader do the job? What is your all-time favorite read and why? Let us know in the comments over on Facebook!

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Happy Friday

You Are What You Eat – So Eat Happier!

Eating Happier – Creating A Positive Attitude Towards What’s On Your Plate Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 200 years, you’ve probably heard or even used the idiom “you are what you eat.” As with most common idioms, it slides off the tongue without much effort, and is a handy phrase to use in social situations  ...

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